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Re: Hello - Looking to buy

Post by Scottchp » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:07 pm

Kleynie wrote:
Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:01 pm
After 12 BMW's and a few VW's I'm now considering a Macan. My wife and I have test driven a new 2ltr and a 17 plate SD - my current car is a BMW 535d GT 2015, so I do like diesel and I think we both preferred the SD over the 2ltr petrol. However, my wife still wants to test drive the BMW X4 M4.0D, I can get a 68 reg for around £45k and the same money would buy a decent 17 plate Macan SD. I need to convince the wife that the Porsche is the correct option as I'm tired of losing £15K every two years on a BMW and I believe the Porsche is actually the better car.

After two visits to Porsche Guildford - hats off to Laura who dealt with us superbly - there hasn't been a 17 plate with the correct spec. I want:

Pano roof
PALS (LED or Xenon)
Auto dimming mirrors
Heated 14 way (at least) adjustable seats.
Less than 20k miles
Anything else is a bonus.

Xenon or LED seem to be rare on the SD and auto dimming mirrors likewise - is that just because people thought they were standard?

Is the Bose option much better than standard?

Anyway, any suggestions on how to convince the missus would be greatly received, in the meantime the wait continues.


Hope you find the right car real soon Ian. Like you, I’ve been a prolific BMW buyer for the last 16 years ( 9 of them in all from M140i to X6 ) with one Audi and a Lexus thrown in for good measure. I sold my M140i three weeks ago and have decided to jump over to a Macan GTS. I test drove an X4 M40i and whilst it was all very familiar and modern together with crazy quick I’m just sick of the depreciation also and what I’ve seen as a decline in standards the last few years. I had warranty issues with my 428i Convertible, my X6 40D and my M140i and my trust in the dealerships was eroding heavily. That said, I did like the service pack options and knowing that I was never going to suffer from an unexpected bill.
After test driving a GTS, I was blown away with how much more comfortable it was - even in Sport Plus mode with no air suspension.
I’m sure my fuel economy is gonna suffer compared to the 34mpg I was getting in the X6 and M140i but I think the extra enjoyment, the thrill of something different and even having to budget a bit more for servicing and consumables will be more than covered by the car not depreciating as much when our time together is up.
Good luck with the search - I’ve found most dealers open to a bit of bargaining on price - especially if you can cite comparables anywhere in the country with other OPCs or even cheaper with independents if you factor in the cost of topping up the warranty. I’ve just dropped a deposit on a car in Solihull which is over 300 miles away from me, but their photos, video tour and chat were enough to reassure me the car is everything I want.
Look forward to an update when you finally secure a car!! 🚗 💨

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