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Post by Curly » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:38 pm

Hi there, just joined as I’m researching my next purchase. Currently selling my 997 Carrera 2S and looking for a more practical 2nd car so am looking at Macan S, GTS or Turbo. Not entirely sure which to go for as not a fan of the black wheels often found on the GTS and as there isn’t much difference in terms of performance between an S and a GTS was considering a well specced S with air suspension and turbo wheels. Just interested to see any others experiences of which model suited them best. Generally the GTS of any Porsche model is a good place to be but not sure I can sell the black wheel/more aggressive look of most GTS’s to the Mrs.

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Why not focus your search on a GTS with 911 Turbo or Sport Classic wheels? ;)

Both of these designs look good on a GTS, in my opinion.

Agreed that the GTS is often the sweet spot of the range.

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