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Post by Tigger28 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:10 am

hi everyone

I have been given the runaround by Porsche UK and the local dealer.

Mid April the car stopped suddenly, I wasn't driving but the husband assures me that no warning lights came on.

I called Porsche Assist, now the AA, and they attended.
Porsche Assist inform me that my cover has expired but quickly offer to retro renew it to get the car off the highway.

The car drove itself home with a new battery connected but the tech said he'd tried to jump start the car three times without success and eventually put the new battery on to get it home.
I called local Porsche dealer to discuss warranties, I had erased 2020 from my memory but the additional 2 year warranty had just expired in March.
They said let's look at the car and see what's wrong with it, so I got it trailered to them, they inferred they'd do as much as they could under special conditions despite the warranty expiring the month previously.

sorry this is a bit long ..

They eventually call me and say they can't access any diagnostics on the car because the main ECU has failed and to get any information on why the car stopped they will have to fit a new one at a cost of £1000.
As you can imagine I wasn't overly impressed by this.
I asked if it would have been covered under a warranty and was told yes, unless it had been jump started.

They waited for me to agree the £1000 before doing anything else, I made a few calls, got in touch with Porsche UK etc. who offered to offset cost but I eventually agreed.

The AA had said alternator and battery as the cause of the suicidally sudden stoppage. Which seemed reasonable, although not sure why they then tried to jump start it.

Local dealer then calls back and says another ECU has failed, the air con control and that will need to be replaced at a cost of £900.

To placate me they tell me that if I put a new warranty on the car, if it happens again, they will fix it.
I point out that IF it happens again, in the middle lane of the M1, I won't be around to have further conversations about getting it fixed.

I now have the car back, having paid £888 for a new 1 year warranty with 111 point check and over £1000 for 'repairs'.

I am seriously annoyed at the local dealer for not reminding me to renew the warranty, the AA for potentially causing 2 ECU failures by jump starting the car and Porsche UK for not stepping in to retrieve the car and actually assess the faults / failures.

I originally purchased the car from Porsche Reading but was told servicing and warranty updates could take place with any dealer.
That should have come with a proviso that tells you that's all fine and dandy unless there's a problem, at which point a lot of buck passing happens.

Anyone else suffered electrical failures after a year of minimal mileage ?

Anyone know with whom the buck stops at Porsche UK????


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