Discount on GAP Insurance, Tyre, Alloy, Insurance

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Discount on GAP Insurance, Tyre, Alloy, Insurance

Post by JohnP » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:48 pm

No GAP, no paint protection, no tyre and wheel insurance.. I didn't bother asking for any freebies.. LOL

Are we twins???? The finance man at the dealership called me yesterday to discuss all these extras, after declining them all, he sort of lost interest in me and suggested I just deal with the SE, fair enough. He did send me the Minor Damage Repair insurance, 2yrs for £299. Like all these things, lots of exclusions.

Well I guess that at least they phoned to discuss the extras with you. My previous experience with Mercedes was that the SE presented me with an invoice with the extras included, then blamed the Business Manager for "forgetting NOT to include them". The onus was then upon ME to persuade the BM that I really didn't want paint protection, gap etc. Talk about hard sell..!! Angry Angry

At least my OPC were very relaxed about whether I took the extras or not. Thumbs Up
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Re: Discount on GAP Insurance, Tyre, Alloy, Insurance

Post by Caster » Tue May 30, 2017 12:58 pm

On previous Forums I'd arranged GAP insurance (+ tyre/alloy etc) discounts through - a local company based in Otley, West Yorks:-

Gave them a ring this morning to check what cost would be for taking out this Sept when my SD comes up to one year old and normal insurance policy GAP cover expires. For interest, the rates for any motor (with a new price of between £50,000-£75,000) for cover taken out before the car is one year old are as follows:-

1 yr back to invoice cover = £135.42 minus 10% = £121.88
1 yr replacement cover = £199.81 minus 10% = £179.83

2 yr back to invoice cover = £211.31 minus 10% = £190.18
2yr replacement cover = £223.23 minus 10% = £200.91

Company were happy to still offer a 10% discount price for any "referred/recommended" customers - just say "Recommended by a Forum member".

Points to note:-

1. Although you can buy GAP insurance before you need it and put on hold until you do - or, in fact, use a bit and then put remainder on hold - you can't take out a 2nd policy to extend an initial one!

2. Rates will be going up from 1 June 2017 by approx 2% - some change to insurance tax!

Personally, I've got a reasonable rate to renew my normal insurance with Esure for another yr from this month. This includes GAP to end Sept when I might consider one of the options above. Other thought was to change now to a 2yr GAP included normal insurance cover but best I could find was NFU Mutual which was over £110 more than the Esure cover.

Just thought I'd share for info + good luck to others with their insurance cover work.
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