2016 onwards front spoiler wanted/swap for stainless steel skid plate

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Post by MacanSafari » Thu Aug 26, 2021 3:05 pm


I have a stainless steel front and rear skid plate on my macan but I actually prefer the slightly more agressive look of the standard front ‘lip’ spoiler that is on the 2016 onwards models. Would anyone by any chance have one for sale/know a scrap years or parts shop where I can pick one up? The only reputable place I can find with decent prices is Teile but they don’t ship large packages to the U.K.

There are actually 7 parts required as there’s a new grill, reinforcement and some amended aero bits to do the swap properly.

95B825101G 1E0
95B825102G 1E0
95B805935 1E0
95B805647A 1E0
95B805197 1E0
95B805842 1E0
95B807061M 1E0

I’ll also be selling the stainless steel skid plate currently on my car (with all the relevant aero/reinforcement bits) or willing to do a trade if anyone is interested.

Thanks all,

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