New gen Macan

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Re: New gen Macan

Post by Nelladrahcir » Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:27 pm

I would definitely check this when you order.

The guy was very clear about it and it does make sense but pls check for yourselves.


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Re: New gen Macan

Post by mueslibrown » Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:45 pm

PorscheMack wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 7:55 pm
OmniCognateSnr wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 7:47 pm
PorscheMack wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 7:40 pm

How much did you finally stop at?
:D a lot less than you.
Must admit those 2 extra letters eg GT aren't cheap!! LOL. But it's about the same price as the outgoing Turbo before options so basically a bargain!!!
I specced the GTS with all (that were still left) the options I have on my Turbo and its just over £6K less ... :(
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Re: New gen Macan

Post by Alfanut » Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:47 pm

Nelladrahcir wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:41 pm

Check this to confirm but I had a conversation with the OPC today who said that the GTS comes with the lower air suspension as standard.

In the configurator there is an option for air suspension. He said if you tick that box you then dont get the lowered GTS air but the 'normal' height air that is available for the base and the S.

I hope that makes sense???

He said he had only just found this out. Just mentioned as some have put this on their car.
That makes perfect sense, thanks for posting. Similar has been done on other models previously (991 GTS for example) as not everyone wants or can live with the lower ride height.
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Re: New gen Macan

Post by PaulR » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:57 pm

As I've mentioned loads of times on this forum, the existing Macan I and II GTS cars were a nightmare with 21" wheels and steel suspension. While many (likely non-GTS owners) said their cars were okay with 21" wheels, bear in mind the GTS is lowered and that this exacerbates the issue. Less suspension travel means a less comfortable ride.

With the Macan III GTS I feel Porsche has decided the car needs 21" wheels for cosmetic reasons, and possibly public demand. However that presented them a performance issue. This is almost definitely why the car now comes with air suspension as standard; it's because steel suspension would be a nightmare. I also note that the new GTS does not appear to be as lowered as the existing models were. Again, this is to help resolve the comfort issue. Look at the press photos - the car sits quite high up compared to older GTSs.
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Re: New gen Macan

Post by hood69 » Thu Jul 22, 2021 3:48 pm

I've got the GTS on 21 inch wheels with non-air and it rides fine to me.
Maybe I'm used to stiff suspension but not an issue.

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