Switching my order from SD to GTS

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Re: Switching my order from SD to GTS

Post by BigPhil » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:41 pm

I've had my Macan SD since March 16. The reason I picked an SD was because I fill up for free on my Company fuel otherwise i would just go the whole hog with a Turbo PP.

I'm on 28k now and most of my miles are business so mileage doesn't worry me at all. I only have one car due to on street parking and I'll just keep it for 5 years( I extended the warranty) and then whatever the miles and chop-in value I'll buy a new one. I never worry about residuals; i like one nice car, drive it to death then buy the same again.

Only trouble I have now is that the only diesel alternative I can see would be the new Cayenne (if with diesel) or the SQ7, but that's the size of a house. :?

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