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Post by bigbaldybloke » Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:32 am

Just got my new GTS and now have a display of altitude, but it seems a bit random in the figures displayed. I live in Lincolnshire about 10 miles from the coast and about 15ft above sea level. On driving to the coast the display went down to 60ft below sea level, which if real would have been a real problem! Does anyone know how the reading is derived, is it from the maps in the system, a gps signal, a pressure based altimeter or something else. Ive just been in Scotland and at a view point over the hills that had a tourist info sign giving the height as 590ft the car was reading 610 ft so not far enough out to question, but the minus 60ft is a bit ridiculous. Having said that, I can’t remember the last time the altitude in a car was something I even remotely felt I needed to know, but if it’s there it should be right.
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