how to connect PCM apps through smartphone

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how to connect PCM apps through smartphone

Post by maplehurst » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:22 pm

I thought I had it sorted 4 months ago but now I cannot remember how I did it ... so frustrating.

for the record
I have signed up and I have set up all the news items I need - so I know I am 'authorised' to use the apps

What I am after is a tutorial ( step-by-step) from someone who has actually connected a smartphone and managed to access all of the apps seamlessly.

The basic questions are:
. should this be connected by bluetooth ?
. or wifi ?
. plugged by cable ?

If my smartphone is normally connected to EE - should I use BT-FON

Sorry but I have tried all the above in various combinations and it's driving me crazy.

Offers of help really would be appreciated


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