Electric cars same as 3D TVs? I hope so!

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Electric cars same as 3D TVs? I hope so!

Post by JBA » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:47 am

With all the emphasis on full electric cars and autonomous driving lately, I am wondering whether the technology has been over hyped.

In fact I'd be interested to see if the electric vehicle market follows a similar trajectory to that of 3D and curved TVs in recent years; go into any electrical retailer and you won't find either these days yet both technologies were supposed to be game changing in terms of consumer expectation and industry acceptance.

Also there seems to be a growing backlash against the science and wisdom of reducing man made CO2 reduction to mitigate global temperature changes (apparently 400 scientific studies show no evidence of man made climate change). So lowering our carbon footprint may not be as important as reducing toxic pollution in future (CO2 is not toxic). That'll surely dampen electric car enthusiasm.

If you combine this with the massive amount of charging infra-structure, reliance on intermittent renewable power generation and still plentiful, untapped shale and oil reserves, full electric vehicles just don't seem to add up versus combustion engines. Of course if you're Tesla they do but that's because Elon Musk is a skilled publicist and is desperate to raise more funding for a brand that is losing money.

I guess I am living in hope that Porsche doesn't blindly surrender its traditions and driver excitement to Tesla overhype. And I love the growl of my GTS...long may it continue😊.


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