PCM problems - hardware and software replaced

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PCM problems - hardware and software replaced

Post by zac1 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:41 pm

About a month after taking delivery of my 2019 Macan last December here in Spain, the PCM developed problems: the navigation system and speed limit display would stop working (always at the same time) with the messages "initiating navigation" and "speed limit display limited" appearing. The navigation started promptly but after a while during driving would freeze and start initiating. It would only start working again if you stop the car and turn off the ignition and wait for a while. This did not happen every day but sometimes several times a day. P service could not diagnose any problem despite several visits. Finally, they advised me to get in touch with P Madrid and file a complaint which I did. After some correspondence with Madrid and sharing fotos of the messages on the screen, the local OPC called and asked me to bring the car back to them. I had taken a few short iPhone videos of the malfunctioning screen which I shared with the P service and they said they will share with Madrid/Germany. After a week at the service got a call saying that P Madrid/Germany had decided to replace both the software and the hardware of the PCM system (under warranty) and the parts would be sent from Germany. After another week, got the car back and now seems to work fine, fingers crossed.

I was told by the OPC that they had only had one similar case, and that was with a new Cayenne. It therefore seems to be a rare occurrence and is unlikely to result in a recall. Also, have not seen anyone else on the forum reporting this problem. I guess I had some bad luck but hope all is now well with the lovely car. Wanted to share this in case anyone else encounters this problem with the new Macan.

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Re: PCM problems - hardware and software replaced

Post by Bazza06 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:33 pm

Whilst not exactly the same I had issues with the PCM on occasions when the Sat Nav / Audio would not work and also the rear view camera showing just a blank image when putting into reverse.

Switching off the car, locking and leaving for a few minutes rectified the issue sometimes but on other occasions it would not correct itself until the following day.

It was an intermittent issue and, of course, never replicated when taking to the dealer.

However, a pattern emerged when I had similar issues with an Audi Q3 and an Audi A3 which I had use of after selling the Macan.

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Bang goes the theory !

Post by GWL » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:07 am

On my previous car , a 2016 BMW X1 (F48) bought new, the Sat-Nav would very occasionally get stuck at the "Sat-Nav Starting" stage. The only way to get it working again was to stop & lock the car, wait 5 minutes and then start up again.

I had a feeling this would only occur if I "did too much" as the Infotainment system was starting up, e.g. immediately putting the car into reverse (activating the reversing camera) and maybe connecting to my iPhone. I got into the habit of waiting up to 30 seconds before doing anything (at least it gave the engine oil time to circulate :roll: ) . This may explain why the problem was rather infrequent.

Despite the car being in warranty, I never bothered going to the dealership about it - these things can be a nightmare to resolve - and have now sold the car anyway.
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