More VAG tech that Porsche probably won't get

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More VAG tech that Porsche probably won't get

Post by goron59 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:23 pm

I suppose the Amazon Alex model is, at least, fairly open, and if nothing else should push Google and Apple to improve their offerings.
And anything is better than the horrible built-in voice interfaces. ... ivity-push
Also revealed in the plan was the idea for in-home shopping, as well as the advent of over-the-air updates, like those introduced to the car industry by Tesla. This includes the possibility of downloadable features to a car, ending the need to fully and finally spec a car before purchase, and opening up the possibility of the retrofitment of additional features at the customer’s demand.
So in future: "Alexa, I know, I should have ordered Sports Chrono, but didn't - please install Sports Plus retrofit."
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