Another ‘glowing’ review from Clarkson

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I'll be up front here, I cannot abide the fat, hypocritical git. I have the urge to smash him in the mush everytime I see him. He's made a nice living out of mocking others and his two cohorts have tagged along also making a fortune out of moronic programmes that are so predictable. I am not surprised he's building a mock Georgian house, and, God forbid I ever met him, I would remind him about all his disparaging remarks about Wilmslow and 'Mock Tudor footballers houses'. The pillock doesn't even know that the majority of Footballers live in Prestbury not Wilmslow, which is not far from me and is nothing like he describes to the gullible audience that watches his dross motoring shows. He lives in an enclave inhabited by ageing rock stars and journalist, got thrown out of (a minor) Public School and failed spectacularly selling Paddington bears made by his Mother who neglected to get a license from the creator Michael Bond until some time later. Andy Wilman has made him what he is. The hypocrisy of the man was exposed when he criticise a footballer for putting a gagging order on his Wife during a divorce when Clarkson had done the very same thing.
The Macan S is the sweet spot of the range according to the majority of real journalists. It's saddens me that some people take what he says as gospel. He say anything if he was paid enough in my view.
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