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Post by zbewick7@gmail.com » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:37 pm

2015 macan s. Purchased June. The right hand screen on dash has a mind of it's own. When on phone screen it will dial a contact in my phone book. Usually the same person but has done a couple of contacts (not someone I ever call it's a friend of a friend) and then hangs up and calls again. Happens 10+ times each episode. When on sat nav screen it flashes 'manual zoom' over and over. On radio screen it will bring up menu all by itself and then switch radio channels. The information screen flashes 0/0 messages.. something happens on each screen! Porsche technician has changed wiring cradle and recoded something but still hadn't resolved. I should add that these things happen whilst the car is moving and also stationary and also whilst phone is not connected via bluetooth (obviously doesn't call anyone at this point!) Any ideas??

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Post by Nuclear Nick » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:54 pm

When dashboards behave like this it’s often caused by printed circuit board failures, or multi core flexible connectors that plug into the boards. Replacement by trial and error is sometimes the only way to find and fix it, other than a whole new dash.

Is it under Porsche Approved warranty? If so you’re safe in that the OPC should keep going at it until fixed but you might need to keep the pressure on depending on how proactive they are.

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