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CarPlay, Porsche Connect

Post by GSM_CC » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:01 pm

Hello All,

So I picked up my Macan a couple of weeks ago and love it, but I am struggling to understand quite how to the settings for the PCM should really work.

I can get carplay to work, and I can get porsche connect to work so I can get save and search POI's etc. The Porsche connect app only seems to work if the app (on iphone) is open and the wifi is connected to the in car hot spot. My problem is that if I have porsche connect working and my phone connected to the hotspot and CarPlay plugged in I can't get to the internet. The real time apps work (news, flights etc) so I seem to have internet access from the built in sim.

Am i missing something? Does the hotspot not have internet access meaning I have to choose between streaming music on my phone and having the Porsche Connect working? It's a fag have to remember to turn off wifi on my phone to have carplay working. Or is something not configured right?

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