May Need New Tyres..

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Re: May Need New Tyres..

Post by r1flyguy » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:56 am

Paul wrote:
Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:05 pm
I had a foc tracking / alignment check (yes, that’s not a misprint - genuine foc!) a couple of weeks back and my 15000 mile GTS was on pretty even wear 4’s and 5’s all round (rears a bit thinner than the fronts and the usual outer edge wear on the rears)

Sounds as if you may have started off with marginally unevenly worn fronts (maybe a new tyre due to a puncture with the previous owner?) Ask if you can get a copy of the pre- delivery inspection sheet from when you picked it up. They will have (should have) done a 111 point inspection as it was a used car.
Foc alignment check, you must have caught them on a good day :D
Anyway You maybe correct, i’ll try with the PDI but given the OPC’s aftersales history i doubt they will be forthcoming with any information in regards to the macan but thanks for the headsup.

My local OPC who services both my cars has given me a slight discount on 2 new tyres and full alignment set up its a little more than most other places but ive taken into consideration ill have a loan car for the day so that negaets the difference as to hire a porsche for the day would be expensive :lol:
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