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Audi will no longer present its Q6 e-tron this year as previously planned. In a media report, Audi has confirmed that the electric SUV will probably not be presented until March 2024. According to the German publication Automobilwoche, the decision to postpone the premiere goes back to the new head of Audi, Gernot Döllner.

The PPE has been delayed several times, pushing back highly-anticipated EVs, including the electric Porsche Macan. At a recent Volkswagen board of directors meeting, the automaker revealed plans to delay its 1.2 software, set to power new Porsche and Audi EVs, by another 16-18 weeks.

The decision also has consequences for Porsche. In order to offer Audi a big stage in the electric segment, there is an internal agreement to present the Q6 e-tron before the Porsche Macan E, which is also based on the PPE architecture, and whose unveiling will thus also be postponed until March 2024 at the earliest.

Audi have started production of the electric motors though. Audi announced “a new chapter in drive production” at its manufacturing site in Győr, Hungary, Tuesday after beginning electric motor production for the new PPE EV platform. ... m-porsche/ ... next-year/

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