Macan GTS - new owner reflections...

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Macan GTS - new owner reflections...

Post by jamieo » Wed May 16, 2018 10:00 pm

Well I thought I’d share my opinions as many of yours helped me, thanks.

Background - I’ve owned numerous Porsche cars from a 964RS to Boxsters but never a 4x4

We recently took delivery of a Macan GTS, spec as follow: ... =/PJ45GDE5

I’m super happy with it. Drives like a Porsche yet is comfortable for daily driving. It feels much smaller when you’re driving it, more like a hot hatch. In slow corners you feel the weight of the car and some understeer, but as you get some speed that goes quickly and it feels closer to a sports car than I would expect. Dog is happy in the back. What more can I want. I didn’t need Cayenne space.

I’m glad we got a GTS now, waiting for a facelift and only being able to get an S was frustrating.

Options I’m happy with:
LED PDLS Plus light - amazing, best headlights I’ve ever had
18 way seats - comfortable and snug, adjusted them v quickly to a perfect fit.
Entry and drive - 2 keys, different settings, no fumbling for keys. I like it.
Park assist surround - rear camera positioning is crap, it get water and muck on it. Angle of rear view is poor. On a Mercedes or Lexus this is WAY better. Surround view work though. And I’m glad to have all this in such a car. Despite it not being as good as others, I’d get it again
Air suspension - normal is comfortable but still drives well, you need sports or sports plus to really get the most out of it. Even on sports plus it doesn’t feel too stiff for the road.
ACC - works well and once you’ve used to it you’ll struggle to not have it
Lane Assist/Lane Change Assist - I wasn’t going to spec these, they work better than I’d think. Both just reassuring on long journeys.

What I wished I’d ordered:
PCCB - I am kicking myself now. I have PCCB on my current Boxster and not only do they work well, the reduced unsprung weight makes a noticeable difference. Given how well the Macan drives these would help. But mostly the brake dust. I now remember how much I hate cleaning wheels. Yes I’d pay £5k to have clean wheels...
PTV - I’m buying a comfortable car, not a sports car so I don’t need this. But it does drive so well I’d be tempted.

Do not get:
Loadspace management - it’s shit. The mesh net is crap, badly blocks your rear view. I bought a metal dog guard, fits better.

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Re: Macan GTS - new owner reflections...

Post by Col Lamb » Wed May 16, 2018 10:23 pm

Welcome and glad you like your GTS.

I think that your observations echo the vast majority on the forum.
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Prior Macan SD similar spec to Turbo

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Re: Macan GTS - new owner reflections...

Post by Wing Commander » Thu May 17, 2018 1:10 pm

Welcome, Jamie! :)

Glad to hear that you're enjoying your Macaneering!

You're not a chef, by any chance, are you...? ;)
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Re: Macan GTS - new owner reflections...

Post by Macadam » Sun May 27, 2018 4:31 pm

My GTS has now done nearly 3000 miles. I have two observations:

- the paint is not as chip resistant as on my old BMW X3 Sport which had not a single stone blemish over 75,000 miles. The Macan has gained had three stone chip nicks in the bonnet already so I had the front covered in Xpel Ultimate by Porsche who also re-sprayed the bonnet. Brilliant job. So while they were at it I had the whole car wrapped. I would have had this done before collection if I had been warned in advance.

- I wish there was a quiet start button not boy racer an exhaust noise amplifier. The neighbours are not so keen on the early starts!

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